Coronavirus Updates

Hello friends to Flower and Weed. Thank you for your continued support during this outbreak. We know this has been a very intense 2 years for everyone. We are constantly trying to stay socially responsible to our employees and the greater community and at the same time meet the needs of our clients. Through this time we strive to continue to provide the best possible service and products. It is our job to try to increase joy and happiness.

-We encourage our clients to place orders online for pick up.

-If you are a high risk person (call us) we would be happy to set up your pick-up service.

-In our store, cleanliness is always a priority. We are taking greater precautions to create a safe space for our clients and employees.

We hope that this pandemic will soon pass and we will all be able to enjoy each other’s company as we did before. Until then we send out loving and happy vibes and we continue to serve our community the best way we can. Try to stay happy and healthy.